Learn what you really need to know to play by ear and written arrangement

Kelowna teachers for piano, keyboard, organ, accordion, synth, acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, also vocal coaching.

The teachers at MacMusic Piano and Guitar Studio excel at promoting confidence in playing, creativity with arrangements. They encourage students to achieve performance standard playing. They  promote effective, enthusiastic and efficient practice techniques.

As performing musicians themselves  – they  offer  vocal coaching and instrument  knowledge regarding use and maintenance, (including some repair when needed.). Students are recorded in video or MP3 format. Students have a record of their progress and  a keepsake of their best performances.

The teachers offer an unparalleled service to students of all ages and abilities in the Kelowna area. Check their feedback ! (See below)
     Note – lessons can be provided via internet for students unable to come to the studio.


What  MacMusic  Piano  Accordion  Guitar  Studio Teachers offer:


  • Techniques for learning how to play as a solo or in a group with confidence, including learning to solo or improvise, accompany singers or yourself.
  • They fully understand learning curves – and adapt instruction to encourage progress. confidence and creativity.
    Students receive the instruction they need based on their personal taste, with programs adapted to suit their style.
  • Each student gets the individual attention they need to be motivated and excel,as opposed to being part of a larger group where specific learning curves are not recognized or addressed.
  • Students learn the songs they want to play

All ages and levels are accepted.
Centrally located in Kelowna BC, close to Glenmore, Bankhead, Downtown Core, North End.
Easily accessed from Mission, Central and Westside.
A convenient way to get piano/keyboard, guitar and even vocal coaching all in 1 studio – book simultaneous lessons for friends and family, or back-to back for different instruments.

MacMusicPiano Accordion Guitar location

There is a $500 child tax credit available for music lessons. Check info on link:


Gift certificates available

Student performances can be viewed on the Facebook page for MacMusic Piano Accordion and Guitar Studio – see link  above